Home Carpentry Repairs | Preparation

SuperiorPRO is committed to excellence. This means repairing rotted wood and other problem areas on the exterior of homes before painting. This way, a beautiful, long-lasting outcome can be achieved.

Interior paint projects require the same attention to detail and care. Whether repairing cracks where walls and ceilings meet, to fixing nail pops, it’s the little things that can make the difference between a mediocre outcome and an excellent one.

A high performance repair and paint project can actually vary by three times. Why? There are low quality, skipping-the-steps bids, such as no or improper repairs (i.e. putting bondo over rotting wood that really needs to be replaced – a cheap and ineffective fix). Then, there are high quality, thorough, professional bids that lead to a superb outcome. The quality is that different.

There’s proper interior prep such as filling all the noted holes (not skipping the little ones), sanding the wall to prepare the surface to paint, dusting the wall, priming it (possibly with tint if necessary), sanding again sometimes (yes, again) and dusting the wall again…and then painting. The paint needs something to “bite” or adhere to so the sanding serves this purpose. The paint can flake off if thorough, careful surface prep is not done. Also, floors need to be cover properly, in case of drips. If, the trim is not being painted, SuperiorPRO uses tape across the top to protect the trim. This kind of care and attention to details takes time and material.

SuperiorPRO’s professional painters are trained to care for the repair issues at hand and prep jobs properly, paint with precision and clean up the job site thoroughly for a beautiful, clean outcome our customers love.


By having your home repairs professionally and properly completed before painting, your final outcome will look its best and last longer. Before your Atlanta home is painted, it’s essential to make sure every part of your home’s exterior is in tip-top shape to have it look its best. SuperiorPRO has highly skilled professional painters and carpenters who will repair your home the way they would their own.

SuperiorPRO utilizes special “no rot” products to create complete solutions in the replacement of trim, soffits, fascia and more where possible. Our highly skilled professional carpenters and house painters can eliminate problem areas, provide long-lasting solutions while bringing their craftsmanship and attention to detail to your project for a superb outcome.

We complete the following most common types of home repairs:

  • Corner Boards
  • Soffits
  • Fascia
  • Siding
  • Trim
  • Sill Nosing
  • Brick Moldings

At SuperiorPRO, we are committed to doing the job right. This doesn’t mean cutting corners, but rather being thorough, like replacing rotting wood. We don’t paint over this. Many customers want to save money by not repairing problem areas; and, there are painters who leave these repairs out of bids to be awarded the job. However, years of experience tells us that’s not the way to go on our customers’ biggest investments, their valued homes. We don’t want to paint over rotting wood causing customers to have someone back out to their homes again sooner, rather than later, to do something that should have been done in the first place. If you are looking for thorough, licensed and insured paint contractors, who have been in the market for 16+ years, SuperiorPRO, are your professional painters.

When you need a paint project completed and want to know it will be done thoroughly and to your satisfaction, call the professional painters at SuperiorPRO – 404.436.2900.


Painting the interior of a home requires care, precision and a commitment to customer service. We know having paint contractors in your home is not on the list of your favorite things. Our professional painters care for your home by covering and protecting your home and belongings. They are highly trained to repair noted cracks, nail pops and other issues that make for a thorough and beautiful outcome.

When you need house painters you can trust, call the professional painters at SuperiorPRO for a FREE quote. We serve all of Metro Atlanta including Dunwoody, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta and Sandy Springs. Call 770-642-7170 today!