SuperiorPRO Painting/Pollen Policy

During the spring time, pine pollen fills the air. Although it does accumulate on horizontal surfaces, painting your house during this time of the year is not a problem. That said, extra preventative measures should be followed:

  1. A thorough power washing prior to any exterior paint job must be performed before painting, which SuperiorPRO professionals do.
  2. Painting the siding is not a problem since it is a vertical surface.
  3. Horizontal surfaces need to be dusted off before painting. SuperiorPRO wipes down these surfaces with a dampened rag prior to applying paint.
  4. Using acrylic paints help because they dry fast enough to prevent the pollen from infiltrating the paint film to a degree that would cause discoloration.

SuperiorPRO stands behind all of its work with a full warranty.

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