SuperiorPRO Team

After gaining nearly two decades of painting experience, Irwin Weitz established SuperiorPRO Exteriors in 1998 with the vision of becoming the most customer service-oriented Atlanta home improvement company.

At SuperiorPRO Exteriors, we believe in each other and our guiding principles:

  • We are determined to be the customer service and quality leader in our marketplace.
  • We want our customers to be more than satisfied; we want them to be delighted.
  • We will only use the highest quality materials and utilize the best techniques.
  • We will always do what’s right for the customer; we will not compromise our integrity.
  • We will always focus on each customer as if our future depends on them – because it does.

Our Executive and Office Team

Irwin is a co-owner of SuperiorPro Painting & Exteriors.

Irwin Weitz


Ava is a co-owner of SuperiorPro Painting & Exteriors.

Ava Weitz


Phillipe Jenney

VP Production

Lisa Bragg

Office Manager

Alicia Lane

Accounting Coordinator

Bobbi Kasson

Paint Production Manager

Chris Ross

Customer Service Representative

Lori Brendel

Warranty Manager

Mike Bond

Painting Sales Manager

Jason Brendel

Roof Repair Manager

Jana Adcock

Acounting Manager

Kirsten Darby

Construction Production Manager

Meghan Ritchie

Marketing Consultant


Our Sales Team

Bryan Clark

Sales Consultant

Cary Nordin

Sales Consultant

Cleveland Merritt

Sales Consultant

Dean Busler

Sales Consultant

Genna Bowman

Sales Consultant

John Toole

Sales Consultant

Mike Kennedy

Sales Consultant

Peter Hasson

Sales Consultant

Robert Faulk

Sales Consultant

Ryan OConnor

Sales Consultant

Steve Bodenstein

Sales Consultant

Chuck Walters

Sales Consultant

Jeff Barlow

Sales Consultant

Our Production Team

Gary Rollins

Project Manager

Dan Refec

Project Manager

Brandon Hernandez

Project Manager

Dan James

Project Manager

Jennifer Worley

Project Manager

Miguel Gutierrez

Project Manager

Mike Grider

Senior Project Manager

Nathan Walters

Project Manager

Office Staff

Office Staff Team

Call Center Team

Call Center Team

Some of SuperiorPRO’s Paint Crew Foremen and Project Managers

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