Enjoy THE MOST Cost Effective Siding Solution in the Market

Vibrant, Powerful and Rugged Vinyl Siding

SuperiorPRO Exteriors is Your Total Exterior Solution. Our siding experts are trained to use the best installation practices when installing your new vinyl siding on your home. While there are various material choices for siding, the benefits of vinyl siding are many which include:

  1. The most cost effective siding solution
  2. Virtually maintenance free – no painting needed ever!
  3. Color fade resistant
  4. Many color options – 15 standard, 8 premium
  5. The BEST installation practices for longevity of your siding
  6. Strong insulation value – for better management of your interior temperature
  7. Transferable lifetime warranty


SuperiorPRO is committed to using the best installation practices when installing your siding. Many of the issues that people have had with vinyl were a result of improper installation practices. SuperiorPRO executes every detail and step needed to have your siding function optimally and last. To name a few practices:

  1. Use of galvanized steel starter strip at the bottom verses wood to avoid rotting and other subsequent issues.
  2. SuperiorPRO uses all manufactured recommended accessories to give your home the detailed professional finish you deserve. This also prevents moisture and weather elements getting in behind your siding and compromising the integrity of your home.
  3. There will never be a nail in your vinyl siding which creates issues such as not allowing it to expand and contract naturally with weather changes. (If you have seen this, it’s a big “installation no-no.”)


SuperiorPRO offers insulated siding which means the siding features a rigid foam backing secured to the vinyl siding or placed behind the siding as it is installed. This helps to reduce energy transfer which in turn maintains the temperature in your home for effectively.

Choosing color, trim and moulding options is a fun way to make your exterior more your own and beautiful. Further, our vinyl products consist of pure virgin vinyl (not recycled vinyl) which is the best the industry offers.

For a free quote for your siding needs, please call us today at 770-642-7170. We look forward to serving you.

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