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We have saved people thousands of dollars with quality roof repairs, versus being talked into a complete roof replacement when it’s not necessarily needed. It’s likely you too can gain additional years out of your roof before having to replace it.

Unlike many roofing companies, SuperiorPRO Exteriors specializes in roof repairs and encourages that option before replacement when possible. No one wants to have to invest in a new roof when it’s not necessary. If the problem can be rectified in an effective way AND be thousands of dollars less, why not get more longevity out of your existing roof?


Before You Call Any Other Roofing Company, Call SuperiorPRO Exteriors

  • Specialized Roof Repair Experts
  • Friendly Service
  • Save Money
  • Quality, thorough repairs done right!
  • 1 Year Warranty on Repairs (AND – An In-House Warranty Department)

Unlike many other places in the country, Atlanta lacks third party municipal inspections where someone from the county or city inspects the new roofs. As a result, there are a lot of workmanship issues on roofs installed in Atlanta. Many roofers will cut corners to save themselves money, only to cause you future problems.

Others replace roofs in large volumes, seeming to be more reasonably priced, but do not hold true to higher standards of workmanship. You can go on any roof in metro Atlanta and likely see some of these issues. These same contractors would rather install a new roof that is 10 years old when it could have 10+ years of life remaining, with proper repairs.


Why Does SuperiorPRO Have Better Roof Repair Specialists?

  • We train our crews very well. (Department leader provides on-going, on-site training and feedback.)
  • We repair (and install) to the standards of FL building codes with all the proper flashing, boots and other accessories. (FL – where if they don’t pass inspection, they don’t get paid.)
  • We have a warranty department. And, while we are there should you need us, we do not want to have to come back and fix our own mistakes. (We’d rather do it correctly for you the first time.)

SuperiorPRO’s repair estimators are repair technicians. They are roofers/craftsmen – not just salesmen. Because they have the expertise to execute the work, they can properly assess what needs to be done. Further, typically a roofing consultant is on commission pay. Ours are on salary…they are not incentivized to offer complete roofing systems over repairs. It’s about what’s BEST for the homeowner and their needs.

Top Reasons for Roof Repairs – Causes for You Leaky Roof

  • Chimney Flashing Issues (#1 reason for leaks that we see.)
  • Plumbing/Vent Boot Replacement Needed
  • General Maintenance Needs
    • Exposed Fasteners and Nails
    • Low Nails/High Nails
  • Chimney Caps Improperly Installed
  • Debris Buildup (i.e.: leaves and branches in valleys where the two roof planes come together and create a valley)

Roof Inspection & Maintenance


If you have, what one would consider, a fairly new roof, you should certainly still have it inspected. An average, typical roof maintenance cost is around $625. Often, this is all you need to invest to get more life out of your roof. And finding a company who can inspect and repair roofs properly and well, is much more reasonable than spending thousands of dollars to replace your entire roof, when it’s not necessary.
Our SuperiorPRO Roof Inspection and Maintenance Process

  • Walk and inspect the roof.
  • When possible, look in the attic look at condition of underside in the attic.
    • A lot of times you can find leaks you can’t see from the top.
  • Provide oral (if homeowner is there) or written report of inspection.
    • In certain situations, shoot a little video of the roof issue for the homeowner to view.
  • Offer recommendations for solutions.
  • If homeowner wants to move forward, schedule the repairs.

If you have a leak, or simply want to get your roof checked out as a precaution, please give us a call. We’d be happy to help. 770-642-7170