For the Best Roof, Choose The Best Roofing Company…SuperiorPRO!



At SuperiorPRO, we attribute much of our company’s success and longevity in the market to the fact that we focus on doing what’s best for our customers and their homes. When it comes to roofs, we deliver stellar results using the best products on the market, from trusted brands such as Atlas, GAF or Certainteed. If you’re not sure which colors will look best on your home, our SupeiorPRO Master Color Consultant will help you choose coordinating paint and roof colors when you are painting your home and getting your roof replaced. SuperiorPRO not only provides a beautiful outcome, we also pay close attention to proper installation details which will prevent future maintenance issues.

Tips on Selecting the Best Shingles

The color and the shape of your shingles can make a world of difference in your home’s curb appeal. Most homeowners choose a dark grey or black for their roof color. Be aware that these colors will result in the hottest roofs, which in turn will heat up your attic. Medium to lighter color shingles are less hot and will give your home a fresh new look. Another great way to add flair to your roof is by choosing architectural shingles instead of the basic 3-tab shingles. Architectural shingles have a better warranty, a better chance of holding up to storm damage (due to the thickness of the composite shingle), and a better overall look (more three dimensional and esthetically interesting).

Details That Make a Difference

At SuperiorPRO we pay attention to details that other companies don’t. We spray paint all of your roof accessories so they match your shingle color and offer over 20 different flashing and the drip edge colors to match your home’s existing paint colors. We seal over exposed nails, replace your wall flashing, and recycle your old shingles. These are details we think are important but are not always done by all roofing companies. We also take great care in protecting your property, which is why we use dump trailers with wheels, so we don’t scratch your driveway.

We know we are not always the cheapest roofing company, but that’s because we don’t cut any corners. We believe in providing our clients with the best products and service at the best price, making us the best choice and a great value. If your home’s roof needs repaired or replaced, call SuperiorPRO for a FREE quote today!

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