Choosing an Atlanta painting contractor or home improvement company is a big decision that requires some research. Throughout this site, you’ll learn SuperiorPRO Exteriors has been serving the Atlanta area for over 16 years. You can find glowing, heart-felt testimonials from clients. You’ll read about the firm’s A+ rating with the Atlanta Better Business Bureau. In case that’s not enough to convince you SuperiorPRO is the best choice for your painting or home improvement project, please read the company’s own promises embodied in the exclusive SuperiorPRO Promise:

  • We will always do what’s RIGHT for the homeowner.
  • We will effectively COMMUNICATE with the homeowner throughout the project.
  • We guarantee customer satisfaction, but want to go beyond that; we aim to DELIGHT our customers.
  • We will only use the highest QUALITY materials and best techniques.
  • We will FOCUS on each customer as if our future depends on them – because it does.

1. What is this initiative exactly and what does it mean for the homeowner?

It’s about being more thorough than ever before regarding what clients can expect from SuperiorPRO. From the appointment being set – to getting an quote, to rolling out and managing the project smoothly and efficiently, SuperiorPRO has definitive systems in place. It’s a sharpened commitment to make doing business with SuperiorPRO a comfortable and smooth experience for clients.

2. What’s different this year than previous years (beginning with the Call Center)?

One of SuperiorPRO’s guiding principles is to always do what’s right for the homeowner. Homeowners have dealt with contractors who don’t communicate well and they know how frustrating that is. SuperiorPRO starts with effective communication in the call center explaining:

  • The consultants will call the night before if the appointment is early in the morning or they will call the day of the appointment to confirm.
  • SuperiorPRO sends a pre-emailer that has the consultant’s picture and personal profile, company info and more, so that the homeowner knows who’s coming to their door. (People really love and appreciate this.)

When the signed contract arrives, our Customer Service Supervisor calls the client to schedule the week the work will occur. She lets the homeowners know she’ll be sending an email to recap:

  • The scheduled week for their project.
  • Confirmation of options they decided to take or decline.
  • Reminder that the production department will send them an email the week before the project is to start to let them know what to expect and do (if anything) in advance.
  • Reminder that the Production Manager will call the week the work is to be performed to coordinate with the homeowner a start day and time that works best for them.

3. Are the Sales Consultants doing anything better/differently?

The Sales Consultants are passionate about treating people the way they want to be treated and how they want their friends and family to be treated. With this, they are committed to the following:

  • They enhanced their skills around asking good discovery questions to understand homeowners’ needs. They seek to educate and suggest solutions based on what the needs are.
  • Homeowners can expect a proposal from the consultant within 24-48 hours. Typically, these proposals are very detail-oriented.
  • While rare, if something should come up and the consultant cannot meet the proposal delivery time, they will make a courtesy call with an update for the homeowner.
  • SuperiorPRO consultants maintain contact throughout their clients’ projects. While there are Project Managers overseeing every job, SuperiorPRO consultants will touch base while the job is being executed, to confirm everything is progressing as planned.

4. What is the Production Department doing to communicate better with clients?

SuperiorPRO has always been committed to client satisfaction. However, SuperiorPRO’s Production Department has implemented new steps to affirm client satisfaction.

  • We prefer to meet our customers at the start of the job to review the scope of work, confirm details such as color selections and discuss the schedule. Communicating with your project manager is the best way to assure a good experience throughout your project.
  • The Project Manager communicates regularly with the client, ideally face-to-face and daily when possible. Otherwise, communication is via phone, text or email (whatever is preferred by the client).
  • Once the project is finished, the Project Manager does a “final walk through” with the client. If anything needs attention, SuperiorPRO addresses it.
  • Finally, the client and Project Manager sign a Client Satisfaction Form, indicating that everything was done correctly and to completion.

It is our goal to provide a great experience and beautiful outcome for our clients. Thank you for considering SuperiorPRO for your paintingsidingwindows, roofing and stucco needs. Call for a FREE quote today at 770-642-7170.